Have you experienced something shaken your faith? And how would you overcome this? [Testimony] (4)
What do you usually do when you become weak? [Life] (5)
How do you deal with time when God does not reply your prayer? [Life] (7)
Why Christians and unbelievers both suffer? [Life] (7)
How do we deal with the temptation we face everyday? [Life] (8)
Does God answer all prayers? [Prayer] (9)
How do you balance ministry and life? [Uncategorized] (9)
What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone? [The Bible] (7)
What is the proper way to fast? [Prayer] (8)
If you want to get counseling, what kind of counselor would you like to counseling you? [Life] (7)
Jesus said: Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. My question is what is and how to deny myself? [The Bible] (6)
What missions should be set if we want to establish a new church? [Church] (7)
Do you usually serve in the church? What is the most difficult thing during serving? And what is the most joyful thing? [Life] (1)
What's the relationship between church and nation? [Church] (1)
Do you wnat to share to overcome difficulty in life? [Life] (1)
What do you believe? [Life] (9)
Has God given you any visions since you had faith? And would you like to share some vision of your life? [Testimony] (6)
Please pray for i can overcome tried to finish all my quiz and homework [Life] (3)
Where life is begin, and where it end? [Life] (7)
How many years have you been a Christian? How would you describe these years of faith if just using one sentence? [Testimony] (4)
Which parable do you like best in the four Books of Gospel? [The Bible] (8)
Which version of English Bible do you use right now? Why do you use this version? [The Bible] (5)
How can I love the one who doesn't want to change her sinful behavior that hurt me [Life] (6)
How can we insist on praying for one topic? [Life] (7)
If anyone believe in Jesus but don't do the will of God are they true believers? [Life] (8)
How can i explain your faith to your friends who do not believe in God? [Life] (6)
Who is your favorite Chriatian singer and what is her/his song? [Music] (3)
Is there anything that you fear with? And how would you overcome this fear? [Life] (3)
Have you ever lead a person to believe Jesus? Could you share the experience? [Testimony] (3)
How can we overcome our emotion to win but to enjoy with God every single day? [Life] (7)