Today I started to be a Sunday school teacher, I felt it is not easy. Does any one has experience and would like to recommend some materials? (6)
If christian gains salvation through faith, what is the importance of baptism? (4)
Is it a sin for a Christian to compose House, Hip Hop, Rock & Roll, and any other genre except Gospel? (3)
Why do protestants have a public confession but Catholics have personal confessions? (4)
What should be the approach of believers when artists who cross over to the secular music comes back to faith? (4)
What are the most important things one should consider while choosing a church? (5)
Do you think that group meetings after Sunday worship need to believers? (4)
What is the effects of fasting? (2)
How is the church in the USA? (8)
For those who left the church but are still hurting over the loss (3)
Please pray for Chinese Church! The government request churches put country flag on the church building. How you think? (9)
If Christianity is the only true religion, then why do practitioners of all other religions feel fulfilled in their faith and achieve the same desired results as Christians? (8)
If Christ died to free us from sin why do we who say we are saints still keep sinning? (8)
Do you think a pastor or minister must be well educated? (8)
What's the relationship between church and nation? (2)
What missions should be set if we want to establish a new church? (7)
Is it right for a church to kick out a faithful church member becoz they committed a sin? (6)
If You Have a Bad Experience at Church, Why Try Again? (13)
Do you think a pastor need a pastor certificate? (3)
What benefits can someone get from going to church? (11)
Some people say that the first church we experienced shapes our beliefs and it's difficult for us to break away from the pattern of the first church, because we usually judge other churches by the first church we experience. What do you think? (7)
Is it OK for a Church to Spend Money on Advertising and Social Media? (6)
Since Christianity has so many different denominations and churches, how do you know which one is the right one? (8)
What's the hardest part about being a Christian? (10)
How do you think of Child baptism??Is It Biblical? ( 2 ) (30)
Do you go to church every day? The Bible tells us that the Early Church members went to church every day (5)
Can a demon possessed be a Christian? (10)
How to build a holy and warm love relationship with our church members? (8)
What are the marks of a good christian? (7)
How can a wife who is a Christian stop getting easily irritated, angry and expecting people around to be perfect? (9)