Protestant and Catholic: What's the Difference? (2)
The Bible tells us that Moses parted the sea, is there any proof in history? (5)
Christians and muslims are we serving one God? (8)
Who is your favorite missionary in the history? (5)
Which period in the history of God do you feel interested most? (5)
Do you know something about the period of Reformation? (5)
Why Christians also celebrate Halloween? What kind of attitude Christians should have about it? (4)
Crusades is evil, do you agree? (4)
Do you believe Jesus is a true person (as a historical person)? (6)
Why are more atrocities committed in the name of God than anything else? (6)
If Jesus Lived Today, Would He Still Have Been Rejected and Killed? (10)
How should we interpret Calvin's Double predestination biblically? (2)
What did these historical figures say about Jesus? What do you say? (2)
How to understand Ecclesiastes 1:9? History is meaningless? (4)