Have you experienced something shaken your faith? And how would you overcome this? (4)
Has God given you any visions since you had faith? And would you like to share some vision of your life? (6)
How many years have you been a Christian? How would you describe these years of faith if just using one sentence? (4)
Have you ever lead a person to believe Jesus? Could you share the experience? (3)
Buddhists Flee to Christ (8)
How do you know only one God? (9)
Do you feel pray, reading bible, meditating words of God are important in your daily life? (5)
Have you experienced any miracles in your life? (3)
Have you seen a miracle? (8)
What do you think of the book of The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven? (9)
Have you ever seeing someone was demon possessed? (3)
Do you think Christianity is just a religion? (7)
How to better evangelize to my own family? (6)
Without the gray eyes, wigs and makeup. The natural me (5)
Can you share the biggest testimony after knowing God? (5)
Who is Jesus in your life? (7)
Do you battle fear? (16)
Why Jesus is your savior? (14)
What will you do if you can't see hope in your life? (17)
What is your most touching story with GOD? (8)
What is you biggest miracle happened in 2018? (11)
What's your most unforgettable moment since you became a Christian? (4)