The Bible

I like Jacob, many Christians thinks he did bad to his brother and get the blessing. I don't agree with. How do you think? (3)
If salvation can't be lost why is that the Bible has lot of warnings? (3)
After the rapture and while the tribulation begin the Holy Spirit taken away from the earth? (2)
What does Genesis 19: 26 means? (4)
Why Jesus is Christ? (5)
Is being cremated okay? (6)
How do you understand the role of Theology? (5)
Where i can start reading the bible? (8)
How can i understand the concept of trinity? (6)
What is the meaning of Pagan? (5)
How can we identify the true and the false prophet? (6)
Whats the relevance of baptism? (5)
How do you personally understand the three person in one? Have you ever imagine it and think about it? (5)
Is Social Drinking a Sin? (5)
Is Satan a person? (6)
What is the difference between tithe and offering? (5)
"What is God`s way, To heaven?" (6)
In the Godhead who is here on Earth right now? (6)
Jesus said: Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. My question is what is and how to deny myself? (5)
Is the parable of the widow's mite correctly explained by anyone else? (6)
What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone? (6)
Why Israelite face war in order to inherit Canaan? (7)
Should we keep the ten commandments today? (7)
Can a Christian practice Yoga? (7)
What is the message of The Bible? (7)
Which scriptures do people 'use' to say "once saved, always saved"? (5)
What are the conditions to get to heaven? (7)
Is it better to ask everyone's opinion or to believe God's Word? (8)
Why it is difficult to believe Jesus who died for people sins? (10)
Christians who smokes will go to heaven? (5)