The Bible

What kind of attitude should we have when we read bible? (6)
What is the Word of Jesus you have realized today? (5)
Can you tell me the verses of Bible which are connected with courage? (2)
The reflection of reading Ezekiel 18 (1)
Do you like to recite God's word? (4)
Do you think pets (dogs, cats) have souls? (3)
Which chapter do you like most in the Bible? (5)
Which women in the Bible that gives you the greatest impression (4)
Where do you think the HEAVEN is? (7)
How have you felt the Holy Spirit working in your life? (12)
Why Israelite face war in order to inherit Canaan? (9)
Have you ever received the Holy Spirit? (6)
In your opinion, what's Jesus' dream? (16)
How do you understand the role of Theology? (7)
Which fruit among the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit (referred in Galatians 5) do you like best? (8)
Is Satan a person? (8)
Which version of English Bible do you use right now? Why do you use this version? (9)
Why Jesus took baptism from John the baptist? (7)
How would descibe the kingdom of God according to the Scripure? (5)
Should we keep the ten commandments today? (9)
What is the message of The Bible? (9)
Which parable do you like best in the four Books of Gospel? (11)
"What is God`s way, To heaven?" (8)
What does it mean that Jesus Christ is the cornerstone? (7)
Jesus said: Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. My question is what is and how to deny myself? (6)
In the Godhead who is here on Earth right now? (7)
How do you personally understand the three person in one? Have you ever imagine it and think about it? (6)
Is Homosexuality A Sin? (15)
How many Bible verses do you think you have recited? Do you enjoy the reciting? (4)
Who created Satan? (9)