The Bible

Was Adam a historical man? (3)
How do you understand the Biblical Inerrancy? (3)
Did the work of the Holy Spirit only happen during the New Testament time? (4)
Does Jesus forgive my future sins? (5)
If God is omniscient, then why does He test people? (3)
What is “a sin that does not lead to death” and " a sin that leads to death" ( 1John5:16)? (4)
Does baptism of Holy Spirit means speaking in tongues? (4)
Is believing yourself biblical? The Bible always says believe in God. So is self belief biblical? (5)
What are the warnings Christians should heed? (5)
Can anyone be saved, or only those who God chooses? Does God force someone to disbelieve? Or does he give us free will to choose? (5)
Righteous / righteousness (4)
Can I lose my salvation? (7)
Do you think Old Testament is all about Law, and New Testament is all about Gospel? (4)
Do you often read the Old Testament comparing with the New Testament? (5)
Which chapter do you like most in the Bible? (7)
What is a book in the Bible that you want to learn more about? (4)
Do you like to recite God's word? (7)
Have you experience the power of Bible in your life? (4)
Can you tell me the verses of Bible which are connected with courage? (6)
What is the Word of Jesus you have realized today? (7)
What kind of attitude should we have when we read bible? (6)
Do you think pets (dogs, cats) have souls? (3)
Which women in the Bible that gives you the greatest impression (4)
Where do you think the HEAVEN is? (7)
How have you felt the Holy Spirit working in your life? (12)
Why Israelite face war in order to inherit Canaan? (9)
Have you ever received the Holy Spirit? (6)
In your opinion, what's Jesus' dream? (16)
How do you understand the role of Theology? (7)
Which fruit among the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit (referred in Galatians 5) do you like best? (8)