300 prayer requests

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300 prayer requests


Hola! As you know Easter is coming up in a week and holy week is starting tomorrow. During this holy week let us share our prayer requests and pray for each other. Do leave your prayer request in this thread and say a word of prayer/blessing for others. God bless this Holy week and Easter!

Walk with God Facebook Group Thread: 300 Prayer Requests

Christian Topics Facebook Group: 300 Prayer Requests


Ivy Cotzee: Pls pray for my marriage and my relationship with my daughter and health. Thank you

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Please pray for all our Christian brothers and sisters around the world facing persecution and worse. (See the following quote to get an idea as to the numbers involved who need our prayers.)

"Why is Facebook censoring a conference on Christianity and religious freedom?
by Augusto Zimmermann

Augusto Zimmermann

9 April 2019

12:32 PM

Every day millions of Christians around the world are persecuted for their faith. They are often intimidated, abused and in fear for their lives all because of their commitment to Christ.

The Pew Research Centre Report, which analyses religious freedom in 198 countries and territories, reveals that Christians are the most persecuted religious group in the world today.

Research shows a staggering 11 Christians every hour are being slaughtered for their faith – 100,000 Christian martyrs a year. In the last couple of weeks alone, there were attacks on Christians at a church in Nigeria with 32 deaths; in the Philippines an attack killed more than 20 Christians, not to mention the eight dead in a Somalia market attack and the nine dead in Egypt."


Dikeledi Mapokane: Pray for Job

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Ashu Fabrice: Good luck.financial problems been solved and successful lifestyle

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Sylvia Johnson Please pray my strength in the lord

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Christine Perreault: Pray for all to come to Jesus!!

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Salve Ordiales:

First i confess to God all my sins

Second i pray for my whole fmly to keep us strong and healthy…and i thank God for all the graces we receive and will going to receive…and Bless us all your children who believes in you…and touch those who still not believed that you are true God…Amen and amen…

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Reena Singh: Pls pray for my husband job and he is closure with God.

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Lindiwe Moremi: I have no peace in my life I feel neglected and out of place. Pls pray with me I need to feel God’s love I know it’s there I just need to feel it

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Lidia David: Please one of my biggest problems is that I am too far away from God and I want to be closer to him and secondly when it’s comes to relationships am not lucky, am left out, my life is empty without a man to love me and to be called mine. The thing is that I have a man friend whom I already love with all my heart but he sees me as a friend and nothing else please pray for me so that he will return the love I have for him back to me, I want him to love me and be with me all my life time

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Mareesp Esp: help find a better car a home

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Ochokoru Christine: job opportunities

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Jay Green: Lord I pray that you continue to guide me on my journey. I pray that you touch the heart of those that are suffering and those that are lost. I pray that the homeless and the hungry are touch by your grace and mercy. That the human race can find love, compassion and kindness among each other. Amen :pray:t2:

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Guadalupe Ortega: Please pray for my Son Aramis who has MS. He is seriously struggling. Lost job, home, now is without his truck since broke down and too expensive to repair. And has not accepted Jesus Christ as savior ! Thank you God bless!!!

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Marilyn Conradie: Please pray for my friend who is undergoing chemo treatment. Also please pray for me and my health problem. I pray God’s healing hand on all people struggling with illness. Thank you. In Jesus name we pray.

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Charles Rose: Praying. For those in need Amen

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Diana Torre: Please pray for all the lost in the world that they may see the truth of needing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Many are perishing because they are blinded by the god of this world. I pray the Holy Spirit open their eyes to the fact that they are perishing and need Jesus to be born again into Father God’s family. In Jesus name, Amen.

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Nylsa Rivera Ruiz Thank Jesus Christ for my family and grandkids and for gave me for my sins.and protect those in needs :heart:most of all thank you :pray:Amen Peace be with you Amen :pray:

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Kierra Alba: Please brothers and sisters in Christ pray for me and my children healing deliverance from all addiction , mentally and physically , from any addiction which is not pleasing Our Heavenly Father YAHWEH .I don’t know why but i get very easily angry , easy and upset , shouting , please pray for me and my children Jessica and Cassandra and Adam my son Adam for healing deliverance from all addiction ,I’m lost not feeling happy all .financial blessing for me , my name is Danuta

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