300 prayer requests

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300 prayer requests


Quovanda Brown: TO ALL MY SINGLE SISTERS…we all need to learn to encourage ourselves in the lord

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Please pray for my 4th trial at IVF to be successful.
May God bless you abundantly.


Sherry Bradley: Prayers for my son and grandsons.

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Amen! Praying for you :pray:


Kitty Mellen: I have terminal cancer, I need your healing prayers, I also pray for anyone who is suffering from any kind of illness.

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Bonnie Desouza: Please may I request a prayer for my right ear to be healed…its the only ear I can hear out of…thank you…and pray for India.

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Shirley Sheehan: Please pray I don’t have colon cancer or a blockage in my intestines. Thank you so much for your prayers in Jesus name I pray for you as well !! :heart::heart:

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Matty King: i thank you father for blessing me and my family and friends lord i pray for peace love and healing for all the sick father help us to love one another i thank you father for blessing me today with just what i need bless all my coworker and blesd everyone that need a blessing i ask this in the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit amen

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Dawn Rodgers: Lord Please i Prayer för a Financial Blessing and Peace in my mind Love in my Heart Amen

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Tammi Bebb: I pray for my husband ,for his health, faith and peace of mind. Amen

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Sara Joyce Port: Dear Lord, your blessings are many. As I fear what the future holds for me you bring onto me mercy and compassion not having me go without a need. Lord I pray you help those suffering and feed those who are hungry. For you are the glory and power. Amen

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Marilyn Elgezawi: My Prayer would be, LOrd Bless My family, healing those in need, and Blessings for those who are in need. I need you everyday,in good and bad times. You have gotten me out of the fire,many times…I Love You Lord…and just waiting to see Your Sons Face, some time I get so happy, I just want to raise my hands and dance…Amen

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Cathy Boman: Heavenly father I pray for my own health and for the health of my daughters. God you know their needs. I give you all the praise and glory.Amen

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Conchita Jamison: Praying for continous blessings of good health, healing for me and my son JamesMark and to have a penitent heart as we celebrate Lenten Season.

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Fay Knicley: Dear Father I thank you for all I am and have. To You I give all praise and glory. Please comfort the sick according to your will, bring peace to the bereaved, and comfort those who need your guidance and direction. In Jesus name I pray.

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Betty Crnich: Thank You ,Jesus for your Forgivness,you sacrifices so much for me.I pray for my family members and Friends who are very ill and ask for healing hands on them. You know who they are,I pray for them everyday. Thank you for your Grace and Mercy.

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Brenda Joyce: Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have given me and my son. Please help me with my health. Thank you for letting my son be healthy.

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Francoise Dos Santos: Lord God I am exhorted been waiting for you to do a meriacle I have been sick for many years I have no power to fight my battle please assist me Jesus you just have just to say the words and I shall be heal I repent from all my sins I need you urgently just say the word and I shall be heal I receive it iam free bless and heal amen

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Abby Sue: Lord Jesus, please stretch out your loving hands and place them on my Ariella’s head. Please remove Any abnormalities and restore her health. Bless US with our miracle this week. AMEN

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Hailu Habteselasse: Since I and my wife separated has been one year . Therfore pray for Marriage Restoration . With God everything is possible

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