300 prayer requests

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300 prayer requests


Donna Massie Skwierc: Thank you God for all the blessings you have given me. And Father I’m praying for my daughter Natalie who is going through a lot with her anxiety I pray to you Father God for healing in the name of almighty Jesus Aman​:pray::pray::pray:

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Joann Sprintall: Today I ask please lord be with my friend she buried her husband today after a month finding out he has leukemia. Please be with her and the 2 little angels you blessed them with and with their future as they still little kids… And thank you for everything amen

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Patricia Perreca: Lord, please save my son Gabriel & husband Pat & bring reconcilliation to our family in Jesus name.:two_hearts:
Please surround us with your Shalom peace & protection. I pray that you answer all sincere petitions posted here in Jesus name & restore joy & trust in all of our hearts. In Jesus name.:two_hearts:

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Pamela Kelley Miley Lord, thank you for all you have given me and guiding me with your strength. I have surgery tomorrow please give me the strength and courage to get through this, and be there to help guide me and be healthy with the outcome. In Jesus name I pray Amen​:pray::pray::pray:

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Med Lil’Silla: I ask for prayers for my mom, shes amazing, and has always been there for us. My sister is has multi disabilities, in the name if Jesus, dear Lord I know u r always there n I thank Lord for everything that you do for mom n sister. Thank you. I love you. Please guide and protect them. And my family and friends too. And anyone who is reading. Thank you everyone. God Bless.

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Lisa Marie Madison: Thank you lord for your continuous blessings every day. Please lift our family up and comfort us at this time with the passing of my mother in law

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Vicki Lowery: Please Pray for my surgery tomorrow. Please take away my fear and anxiety. Give me peace of mine. I trust in the Lord Almighty. Thank you dear Heavenly Father. Amen.

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Ynothan Nalisap: Thank you Jesus for showing me the way of thy will oh Lord, for letting me know the sweet truth of thy love toward us. You shape my fate from the time I was in the womb of my mother. You chose even if I’m not worthy and for I will be forever greatful unto you. But many are still lost in the field of sin, many are those who doesnt believe unto thee and refuses to believe thee. I pray unto you O Lord to have your spirit move them into believing and faithfulness. Send labourers into the field for the harvest are plenty but the labourers are few. Bless the lost O Lord for the time is marching. This I pray in Jesus name I pray amen.

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Friday Delgado: Prayer for my kids

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Angela Hall: I pray the Lord heals my legs’ i can barely walk anymore And they hurt too much. Also i pray my husbands cancer don’t return or my sisters. Also for my two daughters with they’re health issues. And the protection of my grandbaies. Help us Lord Jesus. In your presious name. Amen

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Amanda Maloney: Dear Lord. Please help and comfort my dear sister in law Kathy AllenAllen in fighting her cancer. Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers.

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Brenda Riddle: Please pray for healing for my brother inlaw he was Cancer. And pray for all that is sick and the people without God.

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Leny Dela Cruz: my prayer is for my sister nene i put all my trust in god hand hoping that he is the only one can do a miracle for my sister to make her whole again in jesus name i pray with my whole heart amen.

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Beverly Johnson: Yes, touch Ariella now Lord. Heal her body back to health. You have all the power Lord, I ask of you in Jesus name. Amen :pray::pray:

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Freida Anderson: Pray for me. Having trouble with AFIB

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Sue Dowling: My husband of 56 yrs who has COPD.

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Pray for my illness that conquers me frequently


I pray for my job regularization this year. I don’t want it to trouble me. I tearfully pray it to God.


@cocoyoongie Praying!