Answered Prayer!

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Answered Prayer!


Hi everyone! Just want to testify today. Yesterday my prayers were answered. It is about my job evaluation. I am now a regular employee of my company. By the way my work is a book editor.

I am glad to share that the Lord heard my prayers. At first I was hesitant of the results but as the Lord said. Ask me anything and it will be given. Claim your prayers and it will be given to you.

Truly this month of May is a blessing for me. This month, i received a lot of big blessings, in my career, my family and my spiritual life. This month also is when I celebrate my Christian birthday.

Thanks be to God. Hallelujiah!


Amen. God listens to us and answers us in the best time. :pray::pray::pray:


Thank you! That is totally true. I have tries and tested it for years already. God bless you also @Xiaohui


Amen! That’s very great to hear @cocoyoongie! I praise God for you :slight_smile: May God continue to bless you, your work and family :blush:


@Moses_C Thank you brother, I hope you will also be blessed because you are working for the expansion of God’s kingdom. Amen