Are babies sinners?

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Are babies sinners?


When does a person exactly become a sinner? When a baby is born, it doesn’t seem to have committed any sin. When does a baby exactly become a sinner? Thanks.


Before answer the question, I want to explain what sin is. Sin not only is some deeds and behavior, the essence of sin is the broken personal relationship with God and with others. Since Adam did sin against God, all human beings live in a broken relationship with God, we don’t know God or His truth, we have no real life without God in our life, and we worship all kinds of idols. We commit sin first to God, because we don’t have a right relationship with God, we have no God’s love in our heart, so we also have broken relationship with others. And we commit all kinds of evil things to others. Only through Jesus Christ, we can come before God again, and become His precious children and receive eternal life.

So the conclusion is the babies also are sinners, it is not because they commit any sin, but because they are the sons of Adam, and are in a broken relationship with God. When they grow up, they know Jesus and receive Him as their Savior, they can get salvation.

But here I want to point that I believe babies are sinners, but I also believe there is special grace and mercy from God to those babies who died early and didn’t grow up and those who lived before Jesus Christ. God’s justice and also is merciful. I shred the basic biblical principle but I have no ability to know all His work.

Thanks. If you have other questions, welcome to reply.


Thank you for your reply @Steven. This is definitely a starting point for me to study about this topic more. I have heard about this many times still it is hard for me to catch it. Thank you for your reply though. Appreciate it.