Being an introvert is selfishness?

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Being an introvert is selfishness?


Does being an introvert means being selfish? Can I be a Christian and an introvert at the same time?


Introvert vs. Outrovert

Different Characters . It is neutral.

Selfishness is sin

Being introvert not equal selfishness.

Being introvert but heart could be generous. Being outrovert but heart could be selfishness.

Sometimes you can’t choose your beings, but you can choose to follow God’s commandments of love.

Introvert and outrovert may change. Before being a Christian, I am being very introvert. A whole week I could not speak one word with my desk mate. After being a Christian, I opened my heart a lot and being outrovert to share myself with people.


I also think introversion is just a character trait, not a sin.I think both introverted and extroverted people can be selfish or not.Selfishness has less to do with character and more to do with heart.I am a very introverted person.When my father introduces me to others, he often says: “my daughter is very introverted, a little shy, but she is very kind-hearted”.I am always moved when I hear my father introduce me like this, because he does not equate my character with my sin.


i do not think so. That is different character.


Just curious: who told you that being an introvert is selfish?

This article might help:


Thank you for your sharing.