Can we gather 1000 reasons to thank God? Reply with yours!

Can we gather 1000 reasons to thank God? Reply with yours!



I am thankful that God lets me know how he loves me.


Every days is new day, Thanks God gave us new day and new life every moment, if you want to change yourself!


Thanks God forgive my sins and give a new life and teach me how to lives in this world.


I thank God that He loved me with a love that He would give His only Son Jesus for a sinner like meπŸ’“


Thank God for loving me


I would like to thank God for the fiery trial he has put me through in order to have a chance to believe on him and to depend on him and him alone. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ! Praise your Holy name!


Thank God for guiding me to meet my husband, to know him and to marry him. He loved me with the love of Christ and made our lives wonderful.


yes, i think so. We do have 1000 reasons to thank God.


Thank you Lord for your humble love! You are in the highest place but is willing to lower down yourself and live with sinners.
Thank you for giving me purpose of living. Thank your faithfulness no matter what circumstances I am in. Thank you holding me in my deep valleys. Thank you for giving me many friends to share the life with.