Christian Persecution Top 50 countries

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Christian Persecution Top 50 countries


This article shows top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted :sob:


Thank you for this link @Moses_C. I pray a lot for brothers and sisters undergoing great persecution, and this helps me know what to pray about more specifically! Also, my brother is interested in this information since there seems a total blackout of this sort of thing being reported on the news.


You are most welcome @Sunami_Carpenter. Appreciate your participation in the discussion threads. Is your brother a believer? If so, will be glad to have him here sharing his faith and answering questions :+1:


Pray for those brothers and sisters in Christ! :pray::pray::pray:


@Moses_C I need help knowing how to invite him. Yes, he is a believer, a Christian, and he just left the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) type church and found a Biblical one. So he is showing fruit and growth even after having been a professing Christian for decades!

So, he’s on Facebook. How do I invite him here?


@Sunami_Carpenter You may invite him through the invite button in anyone one of the threads. Invite button is usually found in the bottom of every thread. Or you may very well invite him through a personal message by sending the website link, requesting him to sign up. Looking forward to meeting him here. :slight_smile: God bless!


@Sunami_Carpenter no problem, looking forward to meet him here :slight_smile:


Thank you for your very clear instructions!