Do you feel that God loves you?

Do you feel that God loves you?


Do you feel that God loves you?


Yes, I feel. I really experienced the love of God. Surely the love of cross is greatest. But after the salvation, the love of God is always with me.


it is very hard to feel that.


I know God loves me, but it’s hard to actually feel it. I don’t feel God’s love all the time, but I do believe in my heart that it is my problem, that my life is not mature enough.


Yes, very much and deeply. I have received so much blessings from God, especially my son I am so joyful as I see he grows each day.


Yes, I do. I feel God’s love for me. He always endures me and forgives my sins against him and other people. Without his love, I think I can’t live a day. His love for us is unimaginable.


yes,God give his only son to me that is the biggest love,and also he leading me everyday!



Do you feel that God loves you?

Yes. In fact, my understanding of just exactly how much God loves me grows daily.

How do I get this? I read and read and read the Bible. When I find sin in my life and it always grieves me now, since God is indwelling, and I turn to Him to ask forgiveness and HELP to be more righteous and not to grieve Him, I realize how much He loves me. Because it’s guaranteed by Him, God, the author and creator of all that is. He saved me. I didn’t save myself. Therefore it is a constantly deepening understanding that here I am this wretch, yet God loved me (and you) so much He sent His most precious Son to DIE for me to save me!

Cinderella has nothing on this!


good answering.


Sometimes i feel but i never go by feeling but by the truth that “God loves me”.


Yes, I feel the love of God, and it is real ! Through the love of cross, I could have firm faith that God love me, even gave me one and only son. When I read bible, I could understand more his love. And in my life, I experience the guidance of God.


Yes, I really feel that God loves me. Although I can’t feel his love directly, my soul already knows that.


Yes, I can feel God’s love for me, especially when I read the bible. I read in scripture that God has chosen us in Christ. The love that God has shown us in Christ is love that cannot be separated. I also read that Jesus told people that he did not lose one of the things the father gave him. Whenever I see such words, my heart is very moved. It is a happy thing to feel oneself involved in the loving relationship between father and son. At the same time, I thank the holy spirit for leading and protecting us.