Do you have more than 10 thankful events on your each daily lives?

Do you have more than 10 thankful events on your each daily lives?
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We should have a thankful heart instead of complaint,negative heart.


Today, until now, I want to thank God for

  1. a new day;
  2. I can listen to His words;
  3. I have work to do;
  4. I have a breakfast;
  5. the weather is good;
  6. greetings and kindness and care people showed to me;
  7. I can walk;

  1. The smile on the faces of my kids today
  2. The love of my parents
  3. That I have work
  4. That each day is new and does not carry over the problems of the day before

Juts have 4 points for now …

  1. thank for I can walk;
  2. thank for my family;
  3. thank for my work;
  4. for I have chance to hear GOD’s word;
  5. for God’s salvation;
  6. for the dream God gave me;
  7. for the delicious dinner;
  8. for the prayer time with my wife;
  9. for the wisdom God gave me;
  10. for the kindness and love I got today;

  1. Thanks for every position I could serve others;
  2. Thanks for God gave us a good Pastor;
  3. Thanks for God gave us music;
  4. Thanks for God saved me through Jesus Christ;
  5. Thank God for He is with me, always;
  6. Thank God for the truth He shows me;
  7. Thank God for His amazing love;
  8. Thank God for the mission He gave me;
  9. Thank God for His promise of His kingdom;
    10.Thank God for the beautiful nature;