Do You Know The Story Behind Florida Shooter?

Do You Know The Story Behind Florida Shooter?




Omg wow. What you wrote is probably the most idiotic thing I’ve read in months.


I cant believe this😥,his side of the story? Innocent children who would have loved to tell so many stories are gone,someone’s father is dead and his children and wife are left to deal with the horror this tragic event led to,how dare you blame other people for this,he is a maniac,he doesnt deserve to see day light for what he has done,we need to be hard on kids not pamper them when they are wrong.
Hug him? If anyone you loved died,would you hug him?
If ur child kills ur husband,will you hug him?
Lets wake up and stir children to the right direction


Why are people defending a cold blooded murderer again? If it was your family member trust me your reaction would not be the same he is a THUG and anyone defending him should eat glass and die :angry::angry:


No excuse point blank period! I hope he ask God for forgiveness. Have mercy Jesus!


No excuse for murdering 17 people in a school


They did tell people, but no one try hard enough to find out,


I blame The lawmakers,n THE NRA ,for making n selling those type of war weapons ,why do,they sell it to the Public,if they were made to do massacres n kill mamy many People We The People should demand Gun seller don’t have war weapons in their stores at all.This country is just interested in making that $$$$Which The Bible says that "The Love (Lust )of $$$$ is “The root of all Evil”,There go the True about all this Massacres we’re having in our Country,may God have mercy on all of us.:-((


Good Lord let’s make excuses for the killer he is 19 they adopted him when he was very young dad died of a heart attack years ago and lost his mother in November but he was 19 he chose to live with a friends family bc he didn’t want to live with his aunt this was all planned out he was smart enough to be able to hide from the fbi which tells me he knew exactly what he was doing went in the school with a mask planned and very well thought out there is nothing wrong with him other than he let evil enter his soul it was all a choice he knows right from wrong tired of people making excuses for killers I lived a freakin rough life wasn’t easy at all but I didn’t kill anybody and never got help til I was older beside he was on antidepressants and chose not to continue with his help there are no excuse for someone doing this and hat is wrong with this world is people want to drudge up all kinds of excuses bull shit he will get what he deserves


His Mother died in Nov 2017. He was nineteen! Nineteen year olds do no go into the Foster System. He was never in the Foster System!! How can you do an article that is a lie??!!


it’s true. We have to kill the root of such things, not the people. what will change if he gets executed? nothing. the root is so much deeper. bullying at school is a real problem. this atmosphere we expierence in the 21st century where everyone just tries to see the bad in others and show everyone the bad in others just to become more popular is like a cancer in our society.
Fight the root, not the symptoms!


Sad… I was wondering why the school didn’t do anything before it happened, how many times they expelled this boy(Cruz) because accordingly, he was a problem arrogant student bringing a gun everyday… Why the school did not inform the police about the gun earlier before they expelled him and also provide someone to counsel that troubled boy or put him to rehabilitation center? For me, the school also is partly to be blame for ignoring his arrogant attitude, in fact he was encourage to continue showing his gun and scared his fellow students because no one from the school staff interested to report that matter to the police officers.

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He should have been counselled before anything happening to others children… The dangerous in USA :us:, with such trouble individuals, it all comes down to guns, and other dangerous weapons. I only wished the gun law should be tightened…


I don’t know what his story is or what the ending will be , but there was alot of stories that he chose to end


I know everything I need to know. He did a very wicked thing and that right there, tells me everything I need to know about that individual.


Re-Posting something I read today I agree!

Posted by emergency physician Sameer Bakhda:
Fine. If the problem is truly “just mental health”, then fix it.


Throw as much money at mental health as this country does for knee replacements, back surgeries, Hoverchairs, heart bypasses, and “little blue pills” for old men who can’t get it up.

Make this country the PICTURE of mental health care.

Pay psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists every penny they are worth. Recruit doctors and psych NPs and PAs and therapists of all shapes and sizes. Fund school mental health so that every at-risk kid (and their families) can get the help they so desperately need.

Make it ridiculously easy to access mental health care. Make it mandatory coverage for every insurance company, Medicare, Medicaid, VA, TRICARE, CHAMPUS, and everything else, with no deductible and no copay. Pay for institutions to care for those who are so ill that they can’t care for themselves, instead of shoving them on the street or warehousing them in our ERs.


And then, if it keeps happening, then you will have to talk about guns. But at least then we will have a spectacular mental health care system to care for the victims.

Right now, all we have are thoughts and prayers.
And seventeen dead kids in Florida.
And fifty-eight dead music lovers in Las Vegas.
And forty-nine dead club kids in Orlando.
And thirty-two dead college students in Virginia.
And twenty-seven dead schoolchildren and teachers in Sandy Hook.
And twenty-six churchgoers in Texas.
And uncountable more to come.


I think they said he was in foster care until adopted by his mom and dad .I agree what he done was horrendous but God is control over it all …:dog:


For you people blaming the gun you tell me something I know people killed by cars driven by drunk drivers so by your thinking I should blame the car not the drunk!!! I should go after the car makers! There’s far far more deaths by cars then by gun even in wars so please explain your logic!!!


I don’t need to know the whole story…what he did was wrong and he should be punished…he should be made to live in prison in solitary confinement for the rest of his life