Do you like any prophets in the Bible?

Do you like any prophets in the Bible?
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There are many prophets recorded in the Bible, they had very special lives. Do you like anyone of them


i like the Daniel the most. Because i think he like live in heaven. he can overcome all difficulties, and his enemise all failed.


Wow! What an open question!

I love: Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Nehemiah, Job, Ezra, Micah, … the list is pretty much endless. I even like Jonah because he reminds me that I’m not the only scaredy-cat!

They didn’t have what I would call “very special lives” though. I mean, probably because I’m a spoiled American, even though I’m poor here. I feel bad for how the prophets were treated! Some were stoned, some were imprisoned, some were crucified! I guess that’s a certain kind of “special” just not a fun one!

My most favorite of all is Isaiah, especially the way that book is laid out and how around the middle is such an exact description of Christ even Jewish people “get it” when they read it! (Isaiah 53).


Jeremiah, the prophet of Hope.