Do you like OT or NT more?

Do you like OT or NT more?


Old Testament is important, New Testament is also very important.


I read and study NT more, so I think I like NT more.


Me too.


I like NT , but both are important.


I like OT better because through OT, I can know more about the history of God.


I also like both. But maybe NT better. It is because that NT tells me many great believers of JC.


I like OT better. OT has a lot of stories in the history of God. Without knowing the history, we are unable to know how God will work on us.


I like them all. They are all words of God. We should take it as the same.


I like NT, but OT is as important as NT. They are both word of God.


Maybe in the beginning of reading the Bible , NT is easy to understand. but over time, I find both are important. I can know the heart of God through OT, because God is the same God.


For me, I like both. Through the Old Testament, I can see the battle of God. God is a warrior. He is always with his people and he listens to the prayers of the people. I can also see the path taken by history and faith ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, etc.
Through the New Testament, you can learn more about the precious teachings of Jesus Christ and the life of the disciples.