Does God care who wins or loses super bowl?

Does God care who wins or loses super bowl?


4th, Feb. Philadelphia Eagles won the super bowl prising. They said, “All the glory belongs to God.” I think they are right, but why lots of people said that God doesn’t care who wins or loses super bowl


I think God cares his people and their life in the world, but compared with it, God cares more about the lost souls, Luke 15 tells the parable of lost sheep, we see that God has a lot of joy when a lost sheep is found. I am glad Eagles winner gave the glory to God, it’s very good and right, beautiful witness!!! It will help more people to know God and our lord Jesus Christ. For this point, I believe God cares it and will work through this witness.


I do not know the answer for this quesiton for sure. However, God does care about each person’s life and his attitude toward God. God blessed the humble and the one to rely on Him and glory Him.