Does Salvation guarantee heaven?

Does Salvation guarantee heaven?


Hi all do you have an answer for this? Jesus paid for all my sins. I have received salvation and I am saved eternally. All my sins have been forgiven. Does this guarantee heaven?

What is the motivation to live after gaining salvation to keep the laws of God for you?


Hi @Sarah-mariam
Have you repented of all your sins, sincerely to God? And have you turned to Jesus Christ with all your heart and fully surrendered to Him as both your LORD and your Savior?

If you have, then I can answer it. If you merely “accepted” Christ, as in accepted the facts of His life and death, then it’s a different answer.


Being saved does not stop there. We have to do and follow Jesus as what he did in His ministry on Earth. Salvation is a gift, Rewards is through good deeds and faith.