Dominique luna

Dominique luna
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My kids mom dominique luna


Stella Christina and Luna Dominique
…no; the theme of “star” and “moon” is just too gaggingly cutesy

Willa Irene and Heidi Alyssa
…no bcs Heidi is a nn and sounds childish for an adult (just ask my niece!)
…no bcs Heidi and Alyssa both come from the name ADELHEID. You might just as well call her Heidi Heidi, Adeline Adele, or Alice Alicia.
…Willa & Irene are stodgy when put together.

Maya Elise and Adele Liviana
…meh, Maya, Elise, and Adele are all lovely. Liviana is kind of a train wreck - it’s simply too much. Try Adele Livia or Adele Olivette


This is an absolutely beautiful historical name. It makes me think of the Saint centuries ago, there was Saint Dominic and Saint Dominique. Nicknames for the boy would be Dom but for the girl Dominique either Minnie or Nicky. Middle name suggestions are
Hope this has been of help and interest, many congrats.


I like it, but it makes me think of a little girl I used to babysit for. She was a terror.

Dominique Nicole
Dominique Chantal
Dominique Helena

Nicky is the only nickname I can think of.