How can I be more like Christ?

How can I be more like Christ?
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What needs to be done to be more like Christ? This is the goal of my faith. How do you think of your belief in the benchmark?


don’t judge, just serve


Have the life from Jesus, humble and serve.


Follow his word, just do it


Yes all of they above are true. But also doing your daily reading in the bible. Keeping a relationship with him and speak to him. And also listen to the Holy Spirit. And stand on God’s will and not your own. As I write this I pray for you Debby. That the Lord your God will answer your question when you ask him. Just as he says ask and it will be give. And just pray for peace of mind. I pray this Jesus Christ name amen




It’s also good to go to church, bible study, find a mentor who can explain many biblical concepts to you. It is often really hard to try and learn by ourselves.


To be honest, I don’t have a very good method, I think it is a very practical problem. This is really not an easy thing to do. I admit that my love and faith are very limited, so I will memorize God’s word, store it in my heart, and then act according to God’s word. I think the effect of reading and reciting is different. Personally, I think reciting scripture is more helpful to our life change.


i think we need listen to Bible more and more, so we can follow Jesus Christ!


If you live according to what the Lord says, you will accompany him.