How can we enjoy with God everyday?

How can we enjoy with God everyday?


How can we enjoy with God everyday and feel satisfied in any difficulties?


Never be away from Bible and prayer; God will lead us through these.


I think it’s impossible.
Although I pray everyday, I cannot feel enjoy sometimes.
But it’s my thought.
There will be a way that we can enjoy everyday.


yes, it is impossible. But we can read Bible and increase our daily life with God.


I think that reading Bible and praying on daily basis is most important thing. No matter how difficult our situation is, we have to focus our God who is with us always. When we came to know his love and faithfulness to us, we can have peace in him.


Simple but not always easy.

  1. Repent of our sins fully and completely, daily.
  2. Believe on Jesus Christ as our Savior and our God, daily.
  3. Read the Bible, daily.

Hope that helps @gratia1010


If we always realize that we are sinners, we will be happy every day if we realize how great the grace God has forgiven our sins. So we must look at the cross of Jesus Christ every day.


Thank you for all the answers ^o^