How can we know God's calling on our jobs?

How can we know God's calling on our jobs?


How can we know God’s calling on our jobs?


Regarding the job, which kind we should do is already revealed in bible that is the general revelation when we meditate and go through that we will get the specific revelation exactly which job we should do.


I think no matter what kind of position, we need to try our best with the fearful heart. Like Joseph, no matter what he do, he do it honestly.


A professor once told us about this topic, that is, how can we know: what is the job that God calls us to do?He said three points: first, what kind of things do you like to do from childhood to adulthood, and you have a special talent in this area.Be aware of this because it may be a call from God in your life.For example, some people have been interested in medicine since childhood, and they can easily receive knowledge of this field, which is very talented.Then it is quite possible that this is God’s call to him to be a doctor;Second, what kind of thins people tell you that you do well, and the better you do it, the better it benefits them.Sometimes we don’t know what we can do well and what we can’t do well, but people around us can help us find out clearly.If there is something that only you can do well, people will give you this feedback over and over again. And the better you do it, the more people will benefit from it.So it’s possible that this job or this position is God’s call for you;Third, if you have neither the gift nor the evaluation from others, then you can learn a skill.To serve God with one skill, and do it with our whole heart, then it is something that pleases God.


we can pray for God, and make sure. i still have this problem, and i pray now. i hope i can make sure.


I think that if your have a heart to serve God first, this thing is not hard to know.