How is the church in the USA?

How is the church in the USA?


I am studying in one seminary, I heard from my teacher that now many Christians in the USA don’t go to church any more, and many new generation even don’d believe God. It’s true?


According to recent statistics, 73% of the U.S. population now call themselves Christians and 20% claim to be atheists. The remaining 7% are Jews, Islam, Buddhists, Hindus and other religions. This atheist group has recently expanded a lot, never more than 10% before. This is the relationship with the age. After the United States 80 and 90 atheism more.

Religion is also related to the region. In the eastern and western coast city people’s thought is relatively open, the vision is relatively international, and atheism is naturally more. But in the United States “heartland” (south, central, so-called “nerve belt”) people still believe deeply. A large proportion of their lives are occupied by religious activities.




Yeah, I also heard about that. I was so sad. But it is the reality.But we should have hope that God reserve seven thousand in Israel. Preach the Gospel more earnestly.