How should we interpret Calvin's Double predestination biblically?

How should we interpret Calvin's Double predestination biblically?


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When Calvin talked about predestination, he really wanted to emphasize God’s providence and God’s sovereignty. He said that everything is under the providence of God.
The word providence came from provideo; pro-­‐ (“pre; before”) + video” (the Latin videre, which means “to see”) → “to see beforehand, a prior seeing, a foresight.” So providence literally means the same as foreknowledge but its concept is much bigger. The concept of providence of God covers the significantly more bigger than the idea of foreknowledge. Like what the Latin word provideo tells us, providence means it just like humanity’s life is already video-taped by God. It does not mean fatalism, but it just means that God intervenes in our life. God does not leave us alone, however He intervenes even in our life in every small details, and in every moment of our life, he is with us, and He leads us to the best path. Following the plan of God’s love, He leads us every moment of our life. That is what Calvin really want to say when he was talking about predestination and providence. In fact, the closest English word to this Latin word providence is provision. So when we say God’s providence, it means it has to do with God’s making provision for our needs. Therefore, the almighty and loving God who knows all our needs, He will not live us alone, but He will intervenes in our life and provides for all our need. God’s plan of the world and every soul that He has created are guided by His will. That is called providence. In His loving purpose and divine sovereignty, God has already provided His ultimate provision, which is Jesus Christ and always provides for all our needs in advance, and guides/leads us. It is much more than bare foresight; it is closely related to predestination.