How to tell others in a right way if they are wrong?

How to tell others in a right way if they are wrong?


The Bible tells us not to judge others. But in our life, we can find some people are totally wrong, we should tell them it’s wrong. How to tell them in a way they will not feel being judged.



Those people as parents have the responsibility to lovingly correct their children. Therefore, correcting a behavior or training their child isn’t a judgment, it’s their job. It’s their job because of their relationship with the children. This is the basic point…whether someone is judging or correcting someone comes down to your relationship with them.

If we are a mentor, leader or dear friend to someone we can probably offer advice or correction without the assumption we’re “judging them.” Being biblically corrected is a gift.


It is to say with love, not to say with judgment. It’s best to find someone he can trust and to speak in an acceptable way. It also requires much prayer and wisdom to speak.