If the resurrection never happened, is Christianity a lie?

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If the resurrection never happened, is Christianity a lie?


This is a very interesting read. Time is far gone where people believed whatever other or the majority of the people believed. Today everything is about evidence and proof. Since the dawn of the scientific age, it is quiet difficult for many religions from the past to make it in to the future. This is not different for Christianity - especially with all the supernatural events in the Bible.

The fundamental belief on which Christianity is standing is the bodily resurrection of the historical person Jesus Christ. Paul says that if Jesus didn’t raise from the dead, the faith of the believers is in vain (1 Corinthians 14:15) which means that there is no point in following Christianity.

I totally agree with this. I remember the words of one Christian Apologist - “Christianity is not about bad person becoming good (not mere moral values) rather Christianity is the dead coming to life”.

If Christianity is just about a person becoming a morally good person, there are so many others ways/philosophies of life that offer to change bad person to good person. In fact in today’s world, people who do not follow any religion pushes to live a good moral life.

But the foundation of Christianity lies on the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ and our hope is that our bodies will also be resurrected at the last day.

What do you guys think about resurrection and its significance in our life?