Is technology evil?

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Is technology evil?



Today’s world will crumble down without technology. What are some of the reasons for you to believe that technology is not evil? I hear many pastors preach against the technological advancements quoting it as evil and Satan. Are the advancements in this world given by God or is it man made or is it evil?


Only creatures with will can be “evil”. Objects are not “evil” as objects have no intention of their own. Objects are used by creatures known as humans and their intentions can be evil.

Example: Learning to split the atom was a major scientific advance. But then man came along and used that knowledge, that scientific advance, to create atomic bombs, which wiped out Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That was evil. What man did was evil. That does not make the split atom “evil”. The split atom or the atomic bomb are not capable of acting on their own, and therefore cannot be “evil” or behave “wickedly”.

Fallen human beings are experts at trying to avoid responsibility for their own wickedness. Therefore many misguided or false preachers and teachers will try to foist wickedness onto all manner of things other than themselves. These people are not saved. They are still in their sin.

That is the natural, and fallen, state of mankind. Without salvation, wickedness prevails.


i do not think so. Because human is evil, they use technology do evil things.


Yes, I think so, too


Thank you for your sharing.


Definitely agreeing with Sunami on this FP post. Just like everything, technology has two sides. The wickedness lies inside the mindset of the person and the perception towards everything. I read something similar on Finance Police on how technology has also significantly increased both sides.