Money is Evil?

Money is Evil?


Well said. yes the love of the money is evil.


Money is not owned by individuals, money comes from god, and it is god’s will that everyone should share it with those who really need it. John Wesley has written more than two hundred and thirty books in his life, with a total of over thirty thousand pounds. In addition to a small portion of his family’s life, he has donated all of it to the more difficult groups and the general poor. Wesleyan John said, “if a preacher wants to gather money, he will hold fire in his arms, and he will set himself on fire!”
Conclusion: money is not omnipotent. People are not living to earn money, nor is money the only medium to measure the value of life. Money is not evil. It is not possible for a man to live without money. Every Christian wants to see money and use it wisely, not as a slave to it. As John Wesley once famously said, “gain all you can, save all you can, and give all you can.”


I think money is good.
It is important to use people. If money is used well, it can do many good things. It can save people and help many people. For believers, money needs to be used in God’s kingdom.
But money can’t be the owner of people. People don’t live for money. God is our Lord.


Definitely not. A greedy heart makes money evil.