Powerful Testimony of Meeting And Speaking with Jesus Christ

Powerful Testimony of Meeting And Speaking with Jesus Christ


The Lord has lead me to make this video and share it with you all. Glory to God. In February 2014 I had a powerful and amazing visitation from Jesus Christ that changed my life and outlook profoundly. He is so real, so lovely, so patient, so kind, so ready to listen to you. So ready to comfort you. Do you want to know Him? He can take your cares and burdens and give you life. This isn’t a joke. This is the truth. God is real and He loves you. I’m no more special than you or anyone else. There are so many people who have had similar experiences. I’m telling you this out of sincerity and love my brothers and sisters. None of us are perfect so please, let’s be kind to one another. Peace be with you all. Praise God.


We can read the text you wrote, but not your video. Please use the hyperlink that looks like an 8 tipping to the right to post a link that is possible to follow if you wish us to see the video.

By the way, if you spoke directly to Christ, I guess you should write scripture?
Or perhaps I misunderstood. Perhaps you are speaking of feeling a presence of Christ, not that you actually saw Him and spoke with Him.

Did you repent of your sins? Or is that not necessary in your view?

Thank you for answering any or all of these questions.