Prayers Needed please

Prayers Needed please
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Please pray for my family :pray: going on 2 year custody dispute for my now 5 year old daughter. Lord please bring my baby back to me…please :pray::heart: I will sacrifice any and everything I can just to have my baby back home. She is in danger and the NYS court system is sitting back giving a monster the power he craves. I ask for any and all prayers for us :heart::pray: thank you and God Bless!! Amen


God is with you


God knows everything, God always woks just believe in Jesus


God knows father’s heart because he is Good heavenly Father, GOD will restore all


Jesus cares more than you care your family, Just Believe


Dear Father, we trust you, you listen our prayers and you are righteous. Please give peace to this family. Have mercy on them. Please guide there family and protect the little girl. Thanks God, pray in the name of Jesus Christ! Amen!


Dear Father, please guide us this family to experience you. Please give them grace. We pray in Jesus name!