Share your photo before and after you are a Christian

Share your photo before and after you are a Christian


I think this could be very fun to see our own photos before and after we are a Christian. Also, people can feel the power of the gospel in the photo we share.

Saw this post in Facebook, and want to invite more people to participate

“5 years ago I would have been somewhere celebrating PRIDE but instead I’m celebrating another year of freedom, healing and deliverance! :rainbow:

For me, since I am a Christian when I was a child, what my photo show is I grow up and become mature in God’s love. The same hat, haha, really love this hat.

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One testimony I saw on Facebook

From crack to Christ!! Thank you Jesus thank you amen… Please stop laughing and turning away from addicts, I was addicted for over 20 years didn’t believe in God !! Guess what I’ve been saved!! Don’t ever give up or give in, your never alone God is with you look up child and be saved our heavenly father is waiting!!! Since having near death experiences I can tell u that our king is alive !! And he’s fighting for you, and you and yes even you! his work is not yet complete trust me Jesus is coming what do u chose ?? I lived so hopeless suicidal for most of my life 15 months sober by the grace of God !! Please love each other through good and bad !! Pray, power of prayer is life-changing. God bless you always and keep you safe amen :raised_hands:🕆:pray:

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Before salvation (blonde dyed hair and everything as fake as can be), it was all about me and what I wanted to go do. Leaving family quickly in this photo.

After salvation, this is my response to my family. Definitely after Christ rescued me like a burning branch from the fire. (Hair is natural color, of course, in this photo.)


Jesus is really the transformer!