Should churches adjust their schedule for Superbowl?

Should churches adjust their schedule for Superbowl?


While sport and exercises are intended to keep humans healthy there is also a question about the big commercial sport events and its influence on churches and Christians.

Here is a short read from the Christianity today(2017)

This big commercial sport event does have a big influence on Christians and Churches.
Should Superbowl have an influence on Christians and Should churches change their schedule for Superbowl?


That’s a good question.We often encounter such problems in our real life.This reminds me of the example of Eric Henry Liddell, who was not ordered by any church to give up Olympic events to observe the Sunday service, but volunteered to do so.He did not express himself with great pride, but rather with great humility that he needed to be with the Lord during the Sunday service, which could not be changed.I think he has set an example for us. I think it depends on how we feel about God