Should Jesus die on the cross to forgive the sin of humanity?

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Should Jesus die on the cross to forgive the sin of humanity?


Should Jesus die on the cross for God to forgive the sin of Humanity? Was it not possible for God to forgive sins without the death of Jesus? I mean there are prophecies are there in the old testament. But objectively thinking, why can’t God forgive the sin of mankind without requiring the death of Jesus. I do agree that I am just a finite man and do not have any rights to question the creator God. But just wondering if any of you had this question and have an answer?


i think so. for our sin has the sacrifice. we need blood to wash our sin


Thank you for responding to my question. But if God is all powerful why can’t he forgive without killing his own son? Why should he send his son to die on this earth? Couldnt it have been possible for God to just forgive humanity without Jesus’ death?


If we repent and return back from our sins, we would not put Jesus on cross and died for us. God is powerful but powerless in love.


Hello @Taiyanghua, yes in Hebrews it says that if we continue to live in sin we are nailing Jesus to the cross repeatedly. But my question is historically was it required for Jesus to die on the cross for my sins to be forgiven? Or was forgiveness possible without the cross of Jesus Christ? Thanks


Thank you for your sharing.!


Jesus‘ cross is to satisfy the requirement of justice. Sin can’t be forgiven without price. Our sins can’t be forgiven without His blood. God is righteous. Jesus’ death is redemption. He died not because of His own sins, but for our sins. We can’t save ourselves. We have limitations.

The gospel is God’s power to save those who believe it.
There is no other way to be saved.