Should we pray anywhere we want?

Should we pray anywhere we want?
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Should we pray anywhere we want?


Yes, Paul says we should “pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests.”


Sure, God is Spirit, you can pray in any places, and He will listen to you.


I think it is up to the different situations. Normally, it is better for us to separate the place for prayer because God is Holy and we show our fear and love toward God. But once we face urgent situation that we have to pray and wherever we can pray.


It is totally up to our hearts, no one can restrict our freedom of religion.


Of course.

And we should pray anywhere because God knows everything, and he is still with us.


Yes. I thing so. The place is not the point. But it’s better to pray in the church.


Yeah, we can pray anywhere, but I think a certain place is better. Because it will be a place you meet with God and the more you pray the Holy Spirit will fill into that place. overtime, you can feel that it is a special place.


Yes, prayer is heart to heart communication can’t influenced by other things.