What can internet possibly do to you?

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What can internet possibly do to you?


One of the biggest gifts of our times is the internet. We use it for quick communication. Not just communication, but there are tons of information available online. What can these possibly do to you? Information informs and keeps everyone up to date. While this is good, there are also definitely information that are harmful. Not all information are useful and builds people. There are information that also destroy people. Humans are people with souls. Feeding the souls with destructive information destroys the person and when a whole bunch of people is fed with destructive information they are destroyed and not just stopping there they destroy the entire culture.

Especially for Children, as parents try to raise them in the world of internet where there are so much information available, they are left in front of an ocean to choose for themselves what is right and what is wrong. I am reminded of a story where when a child during his birthday party was asked to choose any of the objects in the room as a birthday gift, the child picked up the knife. Childhood is a time when children are in need to be taught the direction which they need to walk. Without which they will be lead into destruction and will destroy the future of humanity.

Here are 3 book recommendations for parents or adults about how to control or direct the use of internet. Its 5 month old article, but it is not too late!


Internet is surely boon as well as bane. Time wisely spent can build you. Unwise use of internet can destroy your life. I will look into the book recommendations. Thanks.


All three look great! Another thing we used to do (us old folks) before the dawn of the internet, was we would either call, write (yes, hand written letters via snail mail!) or visit face to face to socialize.

This was the standard for all people prior to the internet. There is no reason why we cannot do more of that and less internet now.

One thing I saw happening as more and more people became aware of then connected to, the internet back around the year 2000 when it got very popular, was an addiction. That was the first thing. People who otherwise showed no signs of addiction to anything, became rapidly addicted to the internet. Regardless of what they spent internet time doing, they would sometimes be so addicted it affected their jobs. For example I knew an otherwise exemplary gentleman, who once hooked up, was warned that he would soon lose his job at our State Capitol if he was found falling asleep on the job again.

He was falling asleep because he was up nearly all night on the internet. So it can really mess up your life. And of course then there are the “romances” on-line that have broken up homes, kids neglected due to internet addiction, etc. It’s something we have to deal with. We must look around and see how many times we turn away from something important in the “real world” around us, to be on the internet.