What does Jesus mean to you?

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What does Jesus mean to you?


Jesus is my everything!


Jesus to me is the all in all, a pure man without sin who cannot sin. He is someone to look up to, he is the real hero. … I think Jesus was sent down from God, which means Jesus is God’s son.

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Jesus is my Savior. If it wasn’t for God’s ultimate sacrifice of his son, we would not be forgiven. Also I know that I am protected and can do anything because I have accepted Jesus into my heart.


This is a question that I always manage to tear up about when I answer. I don’t wanna use all the traditional adjectives to describe him. Jesus is the one man who can look at me with love and when I am covered in the most dirt. He is willing to take me by the hand even when I turn away from him. Jesus is someone I can not describe because there is nothing I know that I can compare him to. He takes care of me when I am depressed, crushed, lonely, or broken. When I stand before him all my shadows are seen. He is the one that never leaves my side. He is more than a friend, more than a father, he is my savior. I can’t comprehend his infinitely beautiful and perfect love.


Who was Jesus Christ to me? What a packed question. … In the Mennonite faith he’s the one that we attempt to model ourselves after, follow his teachings and those of his disciples. In Islam he’s a holy prophet. To the Jews he’s a false witness. Over the years people have distorted what Christ has said in order to advance their own agenda, and in some ways it’s the same way with me. Christ more than often has become more like a firefighter/Santa Claus. He’s the one that I turn to when I can no longer rely on myself to pull through on a tough situation; he’s also the one that I turn to when I really want something. I know that it shouldn’t be this way, however that is not enough for me to stop.


Jesus is my deliverer whose promises help me escape the corruption of the world.


Jesus is my encouragement that keeps my life on the right course.


Personally Jesus is many things to me and means many things to me. First he is God’s son and is the best example of who God is and calls us to be, he was blameless and pure; to put it simpler, he was perfect. His time of teaching on earth was short but was not short of being a huge impact. Through teaching, praying and leading, Jesus was purely God in the flesh, a man with the same temptations and longings that we as humans have. There are many questions that are hard to answer about what Jesus meant by this or why he did that, but what he desires is a heart that is open to his use and a heart that seeks after him in everything that we do.


In my spiritual world view, Jesus is God. I do not make the distinction between the multiple facets of God. God, in the form of Jesus, came to earth and lived, taught and died with his death paying for my sins. Given that, Jesus is not only my God, but my savior and teacher as well. He serves as an ideal for which I strive for in my life.


Jesus was the Son of God, and he died so that everyone’s sins may be forgiven. That really sums up who he is to me. Jesus was God, and he is the reason that all of sinning humanity has a shot at getting into heaven. Of course, Jesus can be described as many things. I could say he’s my ‘personal savior’ or that he’s the ‘king of kings’ or ‘100 percent man, 100 percent God.’ These would all be true statements, but it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Jesus. There are a lot of popular ways to view Jesus, which sound pretty, but have lost most of their meaning by now. In my mind, Jesus is God, he came to Earth, and he died so that our sins may be forgiven.


At this point in my life, I believe that Jesus is different and individualized to each person. At this moment, to me, He is simply a basis at which to place faith on. That may sound demeaning, but I mean it in the way that faith must be based on some concrete principle or idea or the faith has the possibility of lacking any real meaning. Without all of the parables and miracles in the Bible, it would be difficult to have any faith in a higher power


I believe that Jesus calls us to love and love unconditionally. Often as Christians, and especially Mennonites, we are too easily caught up in trying to discern what God would like and what he wouldn’t like in a person. It is the religion of the church that gets in the way of being true followers of Christ.


I have always heard the name Jesus so I’ve never really had a Jesus-is-my-Savior epiphany. However, I’ve always been taught that he died on the cross for my sins (whatever that means). Personally, I’ve always thought of Jesus as a close friend who I can’t see who watches over me but it’s sometimes hard for me to make that distinction between Jesus and God.


To me, Jesus is the person who is the reason that Christianity is the way it is in that our sins are forgiven and if we ask, we can have a direct relationship with God in Heaven. I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and that if we ask Him to come into our hearts, we are forgiven and can have an everlasting relationship with Him. I believe the Bible tells us about Jesus’ life so that we can try to mirror Him although it is impossible to be perfect as Jesus was. I believe the Bible affects me in that it is God’s word; we should live how it tells us and use it to minister to others and develop a better relationship with the Lord.


Jesus is my dearest friend because when ever I call on him, he always answers.


Jesus is my savior who save me from my sins, and my Lord that I should live for.


He is my Savior. He is my Lord. He is my companion.


To me He means everything i am not and could never be.


Life itself.
For in John 1:1-5 it says of Him:
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”