What does the cross mean to you?

What does the cross mean to you?


What does the cross mean to you?


Love Love Love Love :sparkling_heart:


Amen. Unconditional love, salvation, the pain when I follow Jesus…


The cross means God’s salvation to me. It reminds me God’s unchanged love when I am in hardship and difficulties.


The Cross is just a single before I became Christian. Later I know it is kind of punishment tool. And later, I know it is instruments of punishment. After I learned the Bible, I know the Cross shows me the unconditional love through Jesus Christ who died on the Cross for my sins. The Cross is also the Way we Should walk on, and finally it Will bring resurrection.


Now for me, the cross is God’s love to the world and it is also the power of salvation.


It is the love of God to me. He demonstrate to what point he loves me. He laid down His life for me, even on the cross.


The cross is love. Through the cross, I can see the deep love of God and the love revealed to me by life.
The cross is a victory. It is God’s victory. The cross is glory.


To me cross is to deny, humble and empty myself so that Christ can be revealed through me.


It means God’s love to me; it also means the way of life I need to follow.


cross means love to me.