What is the best memory between you and God?

What is the best memory between you and God?


When we really focus on Jesus only, we feel satisfied, what is your best period of time with God?


In the beginning of my faith journey, at that time, I felt very happy, for I received God’s unconditional love and forgiveness. But latter, I felt I want to come before God by myself, but I couldn’t I hope to become a child before God.


When I prayed to God, it was my most impressive memory that God saved my family and my friends.


The best memory between me and God would be the beginning of being a christian. God’s fatherly love surrounded me. It was beyond description of the sweet feeling and beloved feeling.


My best memory between me and God was when I had to face something really, really frightening in my life, and I finally turned to Jesus in desperation and asked, no, begged Him to please not just be with me, but hold my hand, because I was so scared. I immediately knew He had agreed (don’t ask me how to explain that part) and He WAS with me as I faced it. Wow. Having God as a friend with you to help you bear things is a true blessing!


He save me from sins and call me to work with him.
and Also marriage.


When I pray to God, He communicates with me. And when I listen to His voice, my heart is touched.