What is the best study Bible?

What is the best study Bible?
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What is the best study Bible? Thanks.


While there are many so-called “Study Bibles” there is good reason to ask this. For me, it’s been first about translation accuracy, second about translation readability. I used the following to choose the closest to interlinear (word for word from ancient Armamic and Hebrew as well as Greek, only without all that, into English) NASB.

After choosing the translation that is most accurate and readable that you like most, then look and see what study Bibles in that translation are available. For my favorite translation there is the John MacArthur Study Bible, which I do not own, but have access to footnotes and cross references as well as commentary from that Study Bible on Bible Gateway as a subscribing member. (Less than $4 a month). That’s just mine. I wish you well in finding a good study Bible that fits you best.


The only warning I would give would be to stay away from the “paraphrased” Bibles if you wish to study. These become confusing as they blend several verses together in their re-statement of what is in the original, rather than going verse by verse, or close to it.

In other words, I highly recommend anything from middle to left of middle for a “study Bible” as they are more accurate. God bless!


I have some suggestions…

Ronald A. Beers NASB. REVIEW.
The Action Bible. REVIEW. …
Crossway ESV. REVIEW. …
Thomas Nelson NKJV. REVIEW. …


Zondervan NIV. REVIEW. …
The Catholic 3rd Edition. REVIEW. …
Holman Large Print. REVIEW. …
John F. MacArthur NKJV. REVIEW. …


It would be helpful to point out why you suggest these.


It would be helpful to point out why you suggest these.


i think "reading, reading, and meditate, you will enjoy in that. "


Teach Bible with your life.