What is the role of prayer?

What is the role of prayer?
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What is the role of prayer?


Prayer like the breath of our spiritual life. Christians mainly have communications with God through prayer. We can invite God to join our life and challenge by prayer.


Prayer makes us co-work with God. Human should our their own duty by the prayer so that God can work through us. God makes us become his perfect co-worker by prayers.


Amen. Prayer is the most powerful weapon in fighting with the enemy.


Prayer is a way to communicate our needs and gratitude to God. I learned that prayer is to communicate with God. It is a means to tell us what we need and thank God. God also works through our prayers.


It is like breathing. If we say listening the sermons like respiration, then prayer is like breathing. without breathing out, it is not healthy.


Prayer and listening sermons are like the two wings of our spiritual life. Without one of the wings, we can’t fly.


For me, prayer is the way to communicate with God. It’s also an intimate time staying with God.
I love to pray. Because during prayer, my heart will be quiet and more clear about the way I am walking.


God speaks to us by His Word. But how can we speak to God, it is by prayer.
So prayer is important for us.