What Jesus has he done for you?

What Jesus has he done for you?


What Jesus has he done for you?


He is with me and always loves me and help me and listen to my prayer.


He keeps me safe when I am confronted with danger. Jesus is my protector.


He healed me a lot from the past hurt. And He always is there when I need help.


Roman5:8 “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”


Jesus gave life for me and always loves and keeps me. Jesus loved us and loved us to the end.


He has proven the love of God clearly through the cross, that is the most important thing.


Jesus loved me and even crucified for my sins. He loves me and gives himself up for me. The blood of the Lord cleansed me from all sin, because the Lord, I have been given new life and saved.
I need to stand still more in the grace of salvation.
The Lord also listened to my prayers, helped me, and was always with me. Carefully take care of me and wait for me. Cover my weaknesses and deficiencies.