What will you do after Sunday Service?

What will you do after Sunday Service?


Normally after Sunday Service, the Church will give some public announcements. And then the people leave the church and go home. I feel the church is not like God’s family, and the members are like strangers. For me, I would like to pray to our Lord after the service. How about you?


Randomly plan for something… but most of the time, I wish I can quiet down myself to resr in God… Only time that I can be free from work!! :wink:


Our church has group sharing and group activities after Sunday Service.


Sunday is really a good time to get rest in God spiritually and physically.
I’d like to have some fellowship with my cell group members, some times we just share the grace and life in the past week, some times we will have a short trip together.


After worship, it is good to gather together and share with the church members. I also asked the Bible to join in the church and try to fellowship. This is not simply a gathering, but a time to strengthen the church, share the grace and pray together.


Sharing or eating lunch together with the members.


After Sunday service, we usually sharing together about the grace we received this week or through today’s Sunday service. And we also share the life of this week.


After Sunday service, we can share with each others in groups. Sometimes we go out for lunch.