What's your most unforgettable moment since you became a Christian?

What's your most unforgettable moment since you became a Christian?


The first time I prayed to God, “Father, if you were true and there, could you please give me a hug?” After this prayer, my heart was hit by a warm stream that flowed through my whole body. I cried suddenly. At that time I truly felt the big hug from God to Whom I just prayed. It’s an unforgettable moment that initiated my spiritual life. It’s a very special and precious moment I met with God.


The moment I can speak in tongue is very unforgettable. Before I prayed a lot, but I didn’t get it. Years later, after a Church service, I prayed as usual and suddenly I began speaking in a special way, I guessed it maybe the spiritual gift. It was. I was very excited.


I think the most unforgettable moment is that I was evangelized in the college. I never imaged how greatly my life was changed since then. God is amazing God and full of mercy. I couldn’t forgot His election and unconditional love when I didn’t know him.


Yes, after Adam and Eve went against God’s commandment about the knowledge tree, they were driven out from the Eden. It means the relationship between God and human being was broken. Because of Jesus Christ, our relationship with God was restored. And it’s not by our own good deeds, but Jesus’ salvation. But still we should live a life that keeps step with the grace. Because God called us to be Holy people.