Who is Jesus?

Who is Jesus?


Who is Jesus?


Jesus is God


Jesus is my Savior, Jesus is the savior of the human. Through Jesus we can know God.


Jesus is God’s son. He is our SAVIOR.


Jesus is the bread of the life.


My anchor that keeps me from drifting.


Amen, Jesus is the bread of life, we need it everyday!


My advocate my counselor who guides me into all truth


Jesus is my atoning sacrifice that freely justified me before a holy God and father.


Baptizer in the Holy Spirit


Jesus is my bread and wine the emblems of his broken body and shed blood.


Jesus is my comforter in his arms I feel no alarm.


Jesus is my contentment.


Cornerstone. :grinning::grinning:


Jesus is my high priest that intercedes on my behalf with a Holy God.


Jesus is God, he came to Earth, and he died so that our sins may be forgiven, he is my savior.


He is the Son of God, came to earth to save us.


Jesus is my dearest friend because when ever I call on him, he always answers.


Jesus is the Messiah…


He is my closest friend~