Why did God create the world for six days?

Why did God create the world for six days?


Why did God create the world for six days?


Hi, Jung, as I know, there are different kind of explanation about the six days. I believe the six days is not 24*6 hours, but presents the different part of the whole process of God’s creation.


The Bible does not obligate us to conclude that God completed his creation in six, 24-hour time slots, nor does the book of Genesis necessarily conflict with scientific conclusions that formation of the earth and universe lasted billions of years.

It makes little sense fixating on the length of time (when the Hebrew is going to remain ambiguous anyway), instead of focusing on the far more important message of what was actually happening?!

If you won a $100,000 lottery, would it really matter to you which day you bought the ticket or how long you stood in line to purchase it?

Again, the important point is that Scripture is very clear that in real history, God chose to create the earth, the sun and stars, all aspects of the universe, the oceans, the vegetation, the sea life, the animals, and humanity. God, unequivocally, is the creator and originator of it all.