Why Should I Live By the Bible? Our World is Different Now

Why Should I Live By the Bible? Our World is Different Now


I find the Bible interesting (or at least parts of it), but we live in a different world today.


Bible teach us about truth. Truth don’t change forever.


The world changes, but the truth doesn’t change, that everyone is a sinner who needs God’s salvation. And the Bible tells us why we are sinners and how we can get salvation.


Bible is the truth, the only standard for us to live our life on the earth. Even the world is changing all the time, but the truth does not change. If we follow the bible to live, we can have a life that is pleasing God, and that is the only purpose of our life.


Bible have the word of God,every thing can change, but God’s word could not change.
No matter how people change, God is one that does not change. We need to follow the truth and live. Through the Bible. We can know who I am, why I live, and how to live. The Bible is like a person’s manual, with all the answers to people.


Actually, we don’t. Check out the description of Thessalonica in Acts, or the description of the Greek Bereans that the Apostles go to next. That describes basically inner city vs. rich suburb today. Sodom and Gommorah were like the parts of our society that fit this description:

People flock by the hoards to churches that make no demands on them to repent or have faith in Christ or read their Bibles daily, or confess their sins to each other. That’s quite similar to a time in the Old Testament where “each man did what he thought right” and they worshiped many idols. And do not cross “American Idol” off the list on that account. Because we DO idolize Celebrities in our culture, and there is a form of worship that is really distressing to watch: when people pass out or wet themselves because they are so overwhelmed to see this human being (as flawed as all of us) face to face, as though they look upon a god.

You would be surprised, and I really mean shocked, to discover how much of exactly what is in our culture and our world is JUST LIKE the times in the Bible.

But don’t take my word for it, take GOD’S Word for it! Read the Bible yourself, all the way through, daily. And test it! Don’t be afraid to question and keep reading. For me, it took me once through to be convicted of the truth and bald reality of my own sin (which the world would laugh at as any kind of sin) and it’s depravity and my absolute need for a Savior, the second read through to really question and test whether or not the Bible contradicts itself and the third time through to begin to understand it.

Why not? Who’s going to know? Read it quietly and alone where you are not disturbed, just like you would do for a really good novel or biography (if you’re into non-fiction). Then decide FOR YOURSELF! That’s my encouragement.


thanks for your long reply, friend, God bless~


This is not my answer, but an answer from a show called ‘Wretched’ to your question, @beexalted

The History of Post-Modernism


The Bible teaches about the truth, about where we are from and who we are.
This is the fundamental thing of our life.
Even though, the outside always changes but the essence will not change.


I think, maybe we can ask the question from the opposite perspective that why can’t we live by the Bible?In fact, the words of the Bible are not specifically addressed to the time of Jesus.The content and meaning of the Bible are unaffected by time and space,because it focuses on human, not the world or the times.Therefore, “the alternation of times” and “the value of the Bible” are not in conflict with each other


i have the same feeling actually, i am so different from other people. i do not know how to suitable to them.
However, i find that i should follow Jesus, for this is the only way to reach God.


The Bible is the words of God; God is the One who is alive and eternal; He created us, and we should live by Him; the world has been changing, but God has never changed.


You walk like a foreigner sojourning in a strange land.
That is what the Israelites, God’s chosen nation did.
That is what Christ told us we should be.
You are chosen, my friend. Praise God!


Bible is everlasting truth and never changes. You live by it you will receive life.